What is Growth Driven Web Design

Growth Driven Web is a new way to look at web design.  The traditional web design method is broken. To understand Growth Driven Web Design let’s look at your website.  Your website is your number one marketer, brand promoter, and sales person  that works around the clock, and is usually your first impression to new customers. Simply your website is important. You already understand that if you are reading this and that is why you want to redesign your website.



The Growth Driven Design Methodology originated from Hubspot. One of the leaders in marketing agency software. The basis is simple first even before looking a the redesign is to strategize the purpose and goals of the website starting with the users in mind and then the business goals. Next is to create a “Launchpad Website.” The goal is to launch a functional, good looking website as quick as possible. The purpose of this is to update the things that are really important so the business reaps the benefits of these updates as soon s they are made. Your site is also set with a variety of tools to track user data and behaviors on your site. The purpose of this is to collect user information to prioritize next steps in our continuous improvement stage. In this stage, we add the other needed features based off if the need and impact coming from the data your customers are giving us. Your site is now constantly evolving to grow and meet the needs of you and your customers.


Growth Driven Design vs Traditional Web Design


Let’s now compare traditional web design to Growth Driven Design. Let’s look at the blue line representing traditional web design. We are going to imagine these results are your sales representatives monthly sales numbers. Do you want your sales persons sales to be static for the majority of the time only to improve every two years? Of course not. You want the orange line constantly going up. All the space between is the value you get by using Growth Driven Design. Now let’s look at the costs. Each circle that says is a traditional web design meaning 3 months of design work, and a huge upfront costs. Growth Driven Design not only provides more value but is faster and distributes the costs in increments allowing you to better use your capital to grow your business.



The results are clear if you are not doing traditional web designs you are not effectively using your best sales person. Start Growth Driven Design today by filling out the form below.